Von Felix Longolius - Ob die Internetzeitung der Zukunft nach der Suchmaschinen-'Grammatik' von Google (und Co.) erstellt wird, darüber sind sich die Verantwortlichen der verschiedener Medien uneinig. Die Meinungen gehen unter anderem in der Frage auseinander, ob sich im Gegenzug einer besseren Suchmaschinenplatzierung die Ausdrucksweisen der Journalisten ändern - oder sogar ändern sollten, so sie denn auf dem Markt Erfolg haben wollen.

Ansätze gegen Wissensklüfte

There are few people, who can think without having to fear it is resulting in a harmful movement in their scope of control. For the others, the most, common learned weaknesses as signs of vulnerabilities (revising a decision, demanding ken and thereby control as well as influence over the rules of decisionmaking - insisting on patience if the decision is crucial) result in situations of an experienced wrongdoing with no choosable exit.

1999 people expected people being able to live under good conditions at the same time. The imagination of such a time was usually expressed with the accessibility of a functioning well. I wouldn't want to be one of them, especially if I had to read this.

Now for someone with the expectation of a functioning communication, the idea of others facing situations in which a wrongdoing is not experienced can be demotivating. Seeing them parallel or departing is only recommandable for people who like to be alone with their justified position.